Sibling Strong 5K for Camp to Belong WA

Thank you for supporting the Sibling Strong 5K for Camp to Belong WA! If you are on this page, that means you want to register as a participant! As a participant, you will be raising money for Sibling Strong and Camp to Belong WA and pledging that you will do a 5k at your own risk! You can run, walk, skip, scoot, swim, ride, etc. the 3.1 miles anytime between June 20t - June 25th. If you are a volunteer/camper at Camp to Belong WA, you will be doing the 5k during camp!

When registering, please list your group as "System". You may be assigned a "Family Group" when we get closer to the event. 

Your email will be our main source of communication with you! If you would like to add an additional email, simply click the VIP Email.

If you have any questions, please reach out to 

Participants who raise $50 will be sent the Sibling Strong 5k for Camp to Belong WA medal 

Participants who raise $150 will also receive a Sibling Strong Tshirt!

If you are looking to sponsor a participant, Click Here and search for the participant in the search box. 


Thank you for choosing to be a participant! Don't be shy-- invite your sibling, parent, friend, or neighbor to get some exercise with you! You are AWESOME!

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